🌿Dear friends, my new song ‚I want you to know‘ is out now. :) 🌿

‚I want you to know‘ is about alienation in a relationship, trying to hold it together, while you’re absent searching for answers to your own questions.

It’s part of my EP ‚unfolding.‘

I hope you enjoy it

🌷‚let it come to you‘

I’m very happy to announce some more tour dates for you – in Germany.

Find the dates & tickets in the Tour Dates section. 

See you there, lùisa xo

No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

07 Sep 2018 Bregrenzerwald, AUT FAQ FAQ
06 Sep 2018 Stuttgart, GER Staub und Sterne Staub und Sterne
17 Aug 2018 Storkow, GER Alinae Lumr Alinae Lumr
24 Jun 2018 Duisburg, GER Traumzeit Festival Traumzeit Festival
08 Apr 2018 Hamburg, GER Superbude Superbude
24 Mar 2018 Saalfelden Am Steinernen Meer, Early Spring Singer Songwriter Festival
02 Mar 2018 Reutlingen, GER Kulturzentrum från. K Reutlingen Kulturzentrum från. K Reutlingen
29 Oct 2017 Karlsruhe, GER Tempel Tempel
28 Oct 2017 Mannheim, GER Alte Feuerwache Alte Feuerwache
22 Sep 2017 Hamburg, GER Reeperbahn Festival Reeperbahn Festival
13 Aug 2017 Rietberg Mastholte, GER Sonntag am See Sonntag am See
12 Aug 2017 Darmstadt, GER Hessen Design Routes Hessen Design Routes
05 Aug 2017 Mainz, GER Hafenklang Festival Hafenklang Festival
22 Jul 2017 Eltville Heimspiel Knyphausen Heimspiel Knyphausen
15 Jul 2017 Usedom, DER Kleines Hafenfest Kleines Hafenfest
22 Apr 2017 Hamburg, GER Kunsthalle Kunsthalle
09 Sep 2016 Göteborg, SE Hamburg On Tour Hamburg On Tour
26 Aug 2016 Schorndorf ART-Festival ART-Festival
20 Aug 2016 Bielefeld, GER Slowing Down Time Slowing Down Time
18 Aug 2016 Magdeburg, GER Datsche Datsche
23 Jul 2016 Hamburg, GER Slamville Slamville
17 Jul 2016 Lorrach, GER Stimmen Festival Stimmen Festival
16 Jul 2016 Darmstadt, GER Centralstation Centralstation
16 May 2016 Heidelberg, GER Karlstorbahnhof/Foyer Karlstorbahnhof/Foyer
15 May 2016 Munchen, GER Theatron Festival Theatron Festival
14 May 2016 Beverungen, GER Orange Blossom Special Festival Orange Blossom Special Festival
28 Apr 2016 Mainz, GER Gebäude 27 Gebäude 27
23 Apr 2016 Stade, GER Hanse Song Festival Hanse Song Festival
22 Apr 2016 Amsterdam, NLD Paradiso Paradiso
21 Apr 2016 Brussels, BEL Huis 23 Huis 23
31 Mar 2016 Milan, I Live Club Live Club
29 Mar 2016 Rome, I Orion Live Club Orion Live Club
20 Mar 2016 Zurich, CH Amboss Rampe Amboss Rampe
19 Mar 2016 Andermatt, CH Andermatt Live! Festival Andermatt Live! Festival
05 Mar 2016 Leipzig, GER Klanggut FEstival Klanggut FEstival
28 Feb 2016 Berlin, GER Kesselhaus Kesselhaus
27 Feb 2016 Magdeburg, GER Moritzhof Moritzhof
25 Feb 2016 Rostock, GER Helgas Stadtpalast Helgas Stadtpalast
24 Feb 2016 Hannover, GER Bei Chez Heinz Bei Chez Heinz
23 Feb 2016 Dortmund, GER FZW FZW
21 Feb 2016 Cologne, GER Luxor Luxor
20 Feb 2016 Northeim, GER Alte Brauerei Alte Brauerei
18 Feb 2016 Vienna, A B72 B72
09 Feb 2016 London, UK The Lexington The Lexington
06 Feb 2016 Basel, CH Z7 Z7
06 Feb 2016 Paris, FR La Maroquinerie La Maroquinerie
05 Feb 2016 Zurich, CH Bogen F Bogen F
03 Feb 2016 Oostende, BE
02 Feb 2016 Amsterdam, NL Paradiso Grote Zaal Paradiso Grote Zaal
31 Jan 2016 Cologne, GER Studio 672 Studio 672
30 Jan 2016 Hamburg, GER Molotow Molotow
29 Jan 2016 Berlin, GER Musik & Frieden Musik & Frieden
28 Jan 2016 Nurnberg, GER MUZclub MUZclub
27 Jan 2016 Munich, GER Feierwerk/Orangehaus Feierwerk/Orangehaus
26 Jan 2016 Prag, CZ Rock Café Rock Café
24 Jan 2016 Vienna, AT B72 B72
23 Jan 2016 Warsaw, PL Hydrozagadka Hydrozagadka
22 Jan 2016 Poznan, PL Pod Minogą Pod Minogą

MGMT: sharon.kruck@neverlandmusic.net

BOOKING: g.linnartz@schoneberg.de

PRESS: patricia@nettwerk.com

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